TLDR: Recently, I joined Cultivation Capital as a Principal on their Investment Team. Despite COVID & shelter-in-place, I scaled my VC network over 300% this year, and this post is all about my path into Venture Capital. It also includes 8 actionable tips for those pursuing paths into VC.

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In October 2014, I was a Senior at Vanderbilt University. While sitting in class one day, my Managerial Studies Professor asked us to write down a personal mission statement, a goal for what we wanted our careers to look like over the next few years. …

Why: In 2020, even less funding went to female founders. While many VCs speculate there’s a pipeline problem, I strongly disagree.

How: While historically VCs may have ignored most cold emails, I partnered with FLIK to make myself more accessible to their community of female founders. What started as an Informal Office Hours, quickly became the opportunity to offer female founders across a wide range of industries strategic advice & actionable feedback as they gear up for the next phase of their startups’ growth.

Special thanks to FLIK for offering a platform to scale up this series so quickly.

Without further ado, I am thrilled to announce the launch of my blog series, Get Acquainted. …

TLDR: I recently joined Cultivation Capital as a Principal back in November. Since then, I’ve relocated to Nashville, TN to help grow Cultivation’s presence and investing activities in the Southeast.

For those who do not know me (yet), I grew up on the East Coast. I spent the last 5 years living in NYC. While most of my family is now in the Tri-State, both sides of my family have deep Southern roots, so I have always been intrigued by the prospect of spending more time in the South especially after attending Vanderbilt for undergrad.

Therefore, when the prospect presented itself to help build out Cultivation’s portfolio in the Southeast, I knew Nashville would be the perfect fit for me. …


Alana Mann

Principal @ Cultivation Capital. Rooting for underrepresented founders & those building in undercapitalized geographies.

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