TLDR: Recently, I joined Cultivation Capital as a Principal on their Investment Team. Despite COVID & shelter-in-place, I scaled my VC network over 300% this year, and this post is all about my path into Venture Capital. It also includes 8 actionable tips for those pursuing paths into VC.


Why: In 2020, even less funding went to female founders. While many VCs speculate there’s a pipeline problem, I strongly disagree.

How: While historically VCs may have ignored most cold emails, I partnered with FLIK to make myself more accessible to their community of female founders. What started as an…

TLDR: I recently joined Cultivation Capital as a Principal back in November. Since then, I’ve relocated to Nashville, TN to help grow Cultivation’s presence and investing activities in the Southeast.

For those who do not know me (yet), I grew up on the East Coast. I spent the last 5…

Alana Mann

Principal @ Cultivation Capital. Rooting for underrepresented founders & those building in undercapitalized geographies.

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